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Scaling Strategies is a boutique firm led by a team of serial entrepreneurs with a passion for growth and helping others.
We exist to help leaders and businesses scale to their desired potential. Using lessons learned, proven tools, and a network of successful relationships, we work with selected companies and individuals who want to scale and have fun while doing it!

Our Mission

Equip and embolden people and companies to grow.

Scaling Strategies equips individuals and teams through coaching, assessments, and key introductions. We embolden through executive, leadership and team development.

  • Authenticity
    We embolden by being real with our clients and helping them to explore and own, unapologetically, what’s most important in their work, partnerships and lives.
  • Relationships

    Work is important but people are the priority.  We do our best work by establishing relationships of trust and best intentions.   

  • Responsibility
    We are responsible to ourselves and our clients to deliver the best services possible. We are equally committed to holding our partners to the same standard.
  • Fulfillment

    We spend a lot of time working and for us, it’s a non-negotiable that our work feeds our purpose and makes us excited to get out of bed!

    Core Values

    Authenticity, Relationships, Responsibility, Fulfillment

    Our core values provide a solid foundation for every decision we make and the work we do.

    Evidence-based Tools

    The Leadership Circle

    What Our Customers Have to Say

    “Carrie-Ann came to each session with a perfect mix of opportunities to reflect, concrete management tools to try out, and ways to hold myself accountable. By using coaching sessions to re-focus my attention from reacting to actually managing, I became an infinitely better manager and increased my job satisfaction.”
    Government Manager
    “..a transformatioanl experience. Through Carrie-Ann’s empowering and effective coaching, our conversations were always focused on her asking just the right questions that pushed me to think in ways I had not considered before.”
    Executive Client
    “A unique trait is her ability to hold you accountable yet guide you through challenging situations…she coaches you through but allows you to arrive at the solution. The tools and skills we have developed together are priceless and invaluable.”
    Senior Vice President, IT
    “Carrie-Ann inspires excellence from the people around her and her can do attitude is infectious. She will always challenge you, asking the right questions, holding you accountable, and motivated to reach your goals.”
    Small Business Owner